Incoming 7th Grade Parent Orientation 2022-2023 - article thumnail image

Incoming 7th Grade Parent Orientation 2022-2023

Welcome Future Alamitos Parents!  Watch our informative video about the exciting things to expect at Alamitos in the coming year! Future Alamitos Parent Video
A word from our Condors on Mental Health - article thumnail image

A word from our Condors, on Mental Health

Our school counselor asks our Club Live members a series of questions on mental health: What does mental health mean to you; what do you wish adults knew about your mental health; and what can adults do to support your mental health?
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Yearbook Order Information

Yearbook Pre-Order Only $25  Order Online:
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Incoming 7th Grade Parent Orientation 2021-22

Welcome Future Alamitos Parents!  Watch our informative video about the exciting things to expect at Alamitos in the coming year!  Future Alamitos Parent Video
Alamitos Celebrates Achievements After a Year of Chronic Success - article thumnail image

Alamitos Celebrates Achievements After a Year of Chronic Success

In 2017, Alamitos was named a Gold Ribbon School, Title I Achieving School, and AVID School of Distinction. Congratulations to the parents, staff and students for these honors!
Alamitos Celebrates Success with Honor Roll School Award - article thumnail image

Alamitos Celebrates Success with Honor Roll School Award

Garden Grove Unified School District (GGUSD) this week was named a California Honor Roll District and 40 of its schools were named 2017-2018 California Honor Rolls Schools, earning recognition for high achievement in student success, reduction in ach…

Principal's Message

Principal's Message

With the vision and mission of GGUSD in mind, all Alamitos teachers maintain high academic classroom expectations.  Their planning and preparation is focused on implementing a rigorous, positive, academic program which will continue the preparation and skill development learned in elementary school, so that our students meet their current and future goals in high school and beyond.

With that said, throughout the school year many parents ask us, “How can I help my child do better in school?”  Our answer is this.  At Alamitos, we believe that a parents’ direct involvement in their child’s education greatly contributes to their child’s academic success.  Therefore, open communication between the school and home is an integral part of providing your child with the best learning environment and experience.  One very important way this open communication is fostered is through weekly checks in Parent Portal allowing parents to view their child’s current grades.  We encourage you to contact staff via email and if needed, phone calls and/or visits.  We are here to support our families.


All Alamitos students…

  • Understand that education is the key to their future success.
  • Are expected to treat all people & property with respect and dignity.
  • Are expected to be an active part of the learning process, be highly engaged, be supportive of others, follow all school rules, and not be disruptive.
  • Are expected to attend school and do their academic best every day.
  • Are expected to complete their daily assignments and homework.
  • Are expected to use a daily planner and/or other teacher approved method to record all assignments.
  • Are expected to earn a minimum 2.0 or higher Grade Point Average (GPA).
  • Are expected to "meet" or "exceed standards" on all District Benchmark Exams and state assessments.

Lastly, we are very excited and happy to have you here at Alamitos, and we look forward to working with you during your time with us.  GO CONDORS!!  Show your CONDOR PRIDE!

Our School

Our Vision Statement declares that students will be life-long learners who develop the academic & personal skills necessary to be successful & responsible citizens. 

Alamitos is unique in that we created our own advisement program called Condors Character Counts (C3) that meets every other Thursday.  Advisement lessons are based upon emphasis of positive character traits, building Alamitos PRIDE (Purpose, Responsibility, Integrity, Determination, Excellence), Growth Mindset, Goal setting, and how to aspire.  C3 is a two year program with lessons created by Alamitos teachers based upon creating a caring and motivating school atmosphere.  Parents, students, and staff have shared the positive effects this program has added to the culture of our school. We are proud to declare that C3 is available to all 692 students in attendance.

There many opportunities for parents to be involved at Alamitos.  Alamitos has a strong English Language Advisory Committee (ELAC) of parents who learn and act as an advisory group to School Site Council (parent involvement).  We have a PTO and AVID Parent Leadership Team.  We offer Parent Education courses annually, such as “Ten Commandments of Education” and “40 Developmental Assets.”  We are lucky to have great parents that represent Alamitos at DELAC and Parent Task Force meetings and share back with the school and parents as well.

Parents may initially join PTO at the beginning of the year at Registration.  Meetings are normally held monthly to share how PTO can support Alamitos and its goals.  If parents are interested in joining or attending PTO meetings, information about upcoming meetings may be sent out via school messenger, flyers, and/or on the school marquee.  We encourage all parents to get involved with PTO.

Alamitos has been fortunate to offer our students with various opportunities this past year:

  • Boys & Girls Club is available each day after school from 2:15 until 6 pm daily. Enrolled students develop communication and athletic skills as they participate in a plethora of fun activities!
  • There are various STEM opportunities this year at Alamitos including Lego Battlebots and Sphero Spark Club. In addition, there is a semester STEAM class for students interested in pre-engineering. The class teaches the terminology and mechanics behind engineering, preparing enrolled scholars for their future career one class meeting at a time!
  • The Homework Center is available three days in the morning and three days after school for drop in assistance in homework, understanding concepts, and/or for students to have a quiet place to work.  Teachers and AVID tutors are available to assist students and Math teachers are available in the afternoon.
  • Targeted tutoring was provided this year on areas such as Writer’s ClubReading Comprehension help, and Math Peer Tutoring. Students gained a deeper understanding of these concepts, reducing test anxiety rates.
  • Pure Game is available for students to build leadership skills while learning the cooperative efforts and skills at soccer. Pure Game works with students at lunch one day a week and one day a week after school.
  • Girls, Inc. provides lessons for girls based on areas of self-awareness and building positive, strong women. Our lovely lady Condors acquire global awareness and civic engagement as they discuss in-program content.
  • Club Live is a club that provides leadership opportunities for youth while also promoting healthy lifestyles free of alcohol, tobacco, or other substance abuse among youth.
  • Latino Unidos meets weekly to focus upon building the celebration of culture and community.  Activities involved include Line Dancing and Loteria (Bingo) at lunch.
  • NJHS is a academic and service oriented club that meets to support the school and community. 
  • GRIP is a mentor program used to assist students and families with motivation and resources.

Here at Alamitos, we pride ourselves on the recognition the district has given us for the hard work we have put in as a community. We have been awarded 3 years in a row for AVID School-wide Site of Distinction (2016, 2017, 2018). We received the California Honor Roll for High Achievement in 2016. Just one year later,  we were named a Title I Academic Achieving School as well as a Gold Ribbon School. Alamtios earned the title of District Spelling Bee winner, Superior Ratings for Orchestra, Choir, and Band at the District Festival. Alamitos was also recognized as an AVID  8th grade Stand-out Scholarship Winner! Throughout May 2018, we will be pending for a 4th year with this award. Teachers, administrative staff, and students will continue to work hard and exceed GGUSD's expectations by learning important skills and thriving in a diverse climate.


  • NJHS (National Junior Honor Society) has been a strong service group on our campus. This year alone, they have had some great accomplishments with giving to over 800 pasta items for disadvantaged families to feed. 
  • ASB fundraised over $3500 for Pennies with Patients and donated to the Leukemia and Lymphoma foundation. They also participated in Autism Awareness events, donating over $300 to the A Skate foundation! Scholars in ASB can make a community wide difference while civically engaging with significant worldly matters.

  • In the Art Program, one student earned the Superintendent’s Award at the First Impressions Student Art Exhibit! Alamitos prepares students to academically excel while expressing personal identity in an artistic manner. Congratulations to our winner!

For questions, comments or concerns, please visit our front office or call us at (714) 663-6101. We are excited to begin a new school year and embark on an academic journey of success and overall well-being.