Staff Directory

To contact a staff member by phone, please call the office at (714) 663-6101.

Name Title/Position Email Web site
Administrative and Support Staff
Louie Gomez Principal
Abbie Stirone Assistant Principal
Jessica Clanahan Counselor
Cindy Mount Secretary
Diana Macias Attendance
Lina Tran Clerk
Ragaa Khalil Clerk
Jackie Do Community Liaison (Vietnamese)
Barbara Hernandez-Cornelio Community Liaison (Spanish)
M. Becerra ELA/ELD Department
J. Case ELA/ELD/ World Language Department
L. Donigan ELA/ELD Department / Science Department
C. Fahey ELA/ELD Department
J. Martinez ELA/ELD/Social Science/Elective Department
N. Robinson ELA/ELD Department
A. Sam ELA/ELD/ Electives Department
R. Sheets ELA/ELD/Electives Department
D. Thomson ELA/ELD Department
D. Westlake ELA/ELD Department
C. Aparacio Mathematics Department / Science Department
D. Barling Mathematics Department / Social Science Department
C. Clark Mathematics Department
Y. Garcia Mathematics Department
D. Gossman Mathematics/ Electives Department
S. Kovich Mathematics Department
R. Heckel Science Department
M. Godoy Social Science Department
V. Lam Social Science Department
J. Davis Special Education / Electives Department
R. Whyman Electives Department
D. Westlake Electives Department
D. Brodt Physical Education
A. Petrosian Physical Education
S. Stead Physical Education
E. Gonzalez (APE) Physical Education
A. Cortez Special Education Department
M. Sheets Special Education Department
A. Vu Special Education Department