Parent Education, ELAC, and Parent Involvement

Parents are encouraged to attend all school night events, including Back to School Night (Fall) and Open House (Spring)

We encourage all parents to support parent efforts and school by joining PTO.  Envelopes can be found in the front office.

ELAC Information

The English Language Advisory Committee is designed to assist parents of English Learners to for support in understanding about the schools, curriculum, student expectations, and to serve as an advisory parent group to the school.  The ELAC team advises the administration and school on Parental Suggestions and concerns in regards to the needs of the school.  All parents are encouraged to attend the quarterly ELAC information.  ELAC information in Overview English Overview Spanish Overview Viet

Parent Education

Each year, Alamitos provides opportunities for FREE parent education.  Classes are taught in Vietnamese and Spanish and free Child Care is available.  Parent education classes will be "The Ten Commandments of Education" and "40 Developmental Assets."  These classes will help parents support their son or daughter academically and provided positive supports.  

Join our Parent Education nights on Tuesdays or Wednesdays!  Look at the calendar for specific dates.